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Ex Trinity Head Girl becomes the first person recruited to army post for her singing voice

15th April 2016

The Daily Telegraph today reports on how Army Reservist and ex-Trinity Head Girl, Leila Jones, has become the first person ever to be given a position as an Army singer.

24 year-old Leila was our Head Girl between 2009 and 2010 and her mother, Lousie Jones, called to bring us up to date.

She is currently based at Exeter, having obtained a law degree at University, and in the long term she is likely to be aiming for a legal career in the Army. In the meantime, however, it would appear that she is putting some of her other talents to very good use.

She has been a singer in the Army reserves for some time and according to the Telegraph is being referred to by some as the next Vera Lyn. 

It is nice to see that the article mentioned Trinity School and our very own CCF, which of course we take great pride in.

TV news features, interviews, and photoshoots are keeping her busy at the moment - who would have thought Army life could be so glamorous?

We include the Telegraph link below: