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Election 2015: Key Stage 3 students start to prepare

20th January 2015

With the UK General  Election only a few months away, our Key Stage 3 students are starting to prepare for an election of their own.

Pupils have been organised into 3 vertical tutor groups (i.e. each group has a mix of pupils from Year 7, 8 & 9) whose focus between now and early May will be the 2015 UK General Election.   

Over the coming months each of the groups will

  • Form a political ‘party’ and then name it

  • Devise a manifesto with 4 issues that they wish campaign on, which could be school issues, or local, national or international matters.

  • Elect a leader to ‘front’ their party and present their party manifesto in speeches to the whole school in assemblies, including Key Stage2.

  • Create publicity material and carry out their campaign in school

  • Run a mock election in school during the same week as the general election.

The aim of this project is to raise the school community’s awareness of the General Election and to allow pupils from Key Stage 2 through to Key Stage 5 to vote in a mock election.  We also hope that pupils in Key Stage 3 will learn about Democracy, and how a Government is elected in the UK through a hands-on and fun experience.  They will also develop their communication skills and explore their own opinions about election matters such as the environment, education and healthcare.

We will keep you updated as the Election gets nearer and campaigning intensifies.  Giulietta Swift