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Comfortable win for Trinity’s ‘Stig’ in Gator Gear driving challenge.

31st March 2015

It was an Inter-House contest with a difference. No sport or game was involved, nor indeed were any pupils, as our Senior Department Heads of Houses, Mrs Sinden, Mr Larkman and Mr Coen all got together to compete in Trinity’s own driving challenge.

Officially known as the Gator Gear Challenge, and so named after the iconic Gator truck which our maintenance staff cheerily chug around the school grounds, the idea was not only to beat one another but also to test themselves against Trinity’s own mighty ‘Stig’. What could be more topical in the week after Jeremy Clarkson hit the news?


The contest was part of an intensive week of charity activities organised by Trinity 6th formers. The day of the Gator challenge was designated a Mufti day, when students paid £2 to dress in non-uniform clothing themed on their houses colours, and this was accompanied by a bucket collection surrounding the Gator challenge, aimed at boosting the coffers even further.

Sadly, for ‘Operating Reasons’, the Gator had to dropped on the day, and was replaced by a somewhat less iconic Mercedes van.  The event turned out to be no less competitive, with all contestants really going for it. For the record the results were:

  1. The Stig out-thought and out-drove the opposition to win by a huge 7 seconds!
  2. Mr Larkman by 1 second
  3. Mr Coen
  4. Mrs Sinden – who did not cheat or crash!


Our thanks go to the challengers for being great sports, and stepping outside their comfort zones in front of a sizeable audience of students, staff and visitors. And special thanks to the man of mystery, our very own Trinity Stig, who refused to be troubled by our ever competitive Heads of Houses.