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Calabash Sport Relief Challenge

28th March 2014

The challenge for Trinity students this year was to climb the 7 highest peaks in the World as well as completing 7 marathons. Key Stage 3, with some support from the Sixth Form, climbed the art department stairs over 6600 times to cover over 40km of climbing!  Special mention must go to Mr Atkinson who climbed from the start to the end – 7.5 hours of jogging and walking and completed 468 ascents of the stairs.  He hasn't walked properly since!  We reached the 7th summit at 3:30pm

Key stage 4 completed over 5800 laps of the hard court in pairs to complete 7 marathons.  The students showed great enthusiasm and determination as the afternoon sessions revealed we were short of our target and we needed a super human effort to catch up and reach our goal.  We crossed the finished line at 3:37pm – phew!

Prep Department clambered down the sides of the Mariana Trench and climbed back to sea level in ‘nautical’ fancy dress. So enthusiastic were they, that they set off again around the school to complete over 180 miles of the challenge.

Over the next few days we have the huge job of counting the coins collected from all departments. The weight of coins collected is amazing – some Key Stage collections have taken 3 students to lift.

Finally, thank you to all the staff, students and parents that contributed to a great day and special thanks to Mr Acher, Head of Sixth Form, for yet again organizing and inspiring all of us!