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Business group visit DHL's NHS Supply Chain facility in Bridgewater

15th March 2017

Sixth Form Business students visited the huge NHS Supply Chain warehouse in Bridgewater with Mr Farish and Mr Milne. The entrepreneurial A level class were intrigued to find out more about the business and put into context what they have been learning in the classroom.

The day started off with a boardroom meeting and an introduction about the organisation, followed by a tour to see how the warehouse operated. After learning about the theory of “Lean Quality Management” and “Maslow Hierarchy of Needs” in the classroom it was great to see them being used in a real life scenario. The day came to a close when the students presented what we had learnt about the organisation to experienced employees including the Operations Manager. It was a fantastic trip and an experience which is invaluable going into the world of business as well as seeing the NHS from a totally new angle. Some pupils who are interested in doing Medicine at university also joined the trip and got to see what many doctors never actually see in their careers.

Alex Horswill (Head Boy)