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BTEC students appreciate learning beyond the classroom.

26th November 2014

Our exciting new BTEC Level 3 (‘A’ level equivalent) courses in Travel and Tourism, Art and Design, and Music have been really well received by the different groups of students. One of the benefits being enjoyed by 6th formers on the Travel and Tourism course, for example, is the opportunity to be involved in local businesses.

Recently the students have been working with Sea Sports South West, a watersports business based in Teignmouth. As Mr Mike Milne, Head of Business and Economics at Trinity explains, ‘the students have begun to appreciate the value in studying a vocational course based on an industry that is so local to them. The BTEC curriculum builds skills and relates them to the travel and tourism industries in a practical manner. In their current assignment the students received a promotional brief from Sea Sport South-West before being tasked with coming up with, and then presenting, their promotional ideas.  The course has given us a fantastic opportunity to connect the pupils with local business, and we really appreciate the help that the local business community has given us so far.’