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Brilliant Ballet experience for Key Stage 2

2nd May 2017

Key Stage 2 recently enjoyed some excellent Ballet sessions with Mrs Barlow. Each class learned about fitness and using muscles, moving to the rhythm and beat of music as well as learning the basic steps required when dancing. Everyone, staff included, worked very hard and they were rewarded with a great experience.

‘Thank you very much to Mrs Barlow for her time and excellent coaching,’ said Mrs Eaton-Jones, ‘She wanted me to mention how much she enjoyed it. Even those who were not so sure going in, were soon won over and impressed by the level of skill and commitment needed to perform even the most apparently simple moves!’

Here are some of the comments of Samuel, Tyler, Blake, Ryan, Sam, James, Zach, Bodie, Haddow & Lewis as they reflected on their experience. ‘The ballet was not about prancing about, it was more work than I thought, I enjoyed it. Most boys think it’s just for girls – but it’s NOT! You need body strength and determination. It is a great exercise and great for flexibility. I didn’t know how entertaining it was going to be!’