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Bishop Sarah visits Trinity

20th June 2017

Trinity welcomed a very special guest, Dame Sarah Mullally the current Bishop of Crediton. A programme of events was organised so that she could experience something of the Christian life and ethos of the whole school. The day started in the school chapel with Bishop Sarah talking about faith and what it means to be a Bishop in the school chapel. She also explained what a mitre and bishop's staff were! She then spent some time in Nursery interacting with the children and staff as they sang and dressed up acting out a bible story.

Later she spent time answering questions posed by senior students and was hugely impressed. In fact she tweeted to the whole Diocese of Exeter "Great and challenging questions at Trinity School." She then headed up to the Prep Department for some role play with Prep 1 and 2 which was great fun. 

There was a working lunch where staff had the opportunity to ask Bishop Sarah questions about Christian ethos or more general questions about faith and spirituality. It was a fantastic day and Bishop Sarah was particularly impressed with the warm family atmosphere of the school and our pupils, as was June Cohen (School Governor) who said of them "Be proud - they were all amazing!"

We are very grateful to Bishop Sarah for giving so much of her time, wisdom and herself, in such an accessible and relaxed way. It was a very encouraging and affirming visit for all who came into contact with her and I would like to thank all the pupils and staff who helped and contributed to the success of her visit. Revd Jonathon