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Benjamin Wells – A Leaver's Adventure

9th September 2016

In yesterday's Welcome Service, held to mark the start of the new school year, Revd Jonathon repeated a memorable message delivered by student Benjamin Wells at our 6th Form Leavers' Service in July. 

Benjamin was the longest serving Trinitonian in his year - nearly 16 years! - and this was a final message to his peers as they left to make their way in the world. Many of those present commented on how inspirational they found his words. We want to share them with you.   Click here for the whole of Benjamin's message, and here for Key Slip message he also left with fellow leavers. 

In Autumn 2017 he is off to Nottingham University to study Engineering, and having been on The Grass Roots trip to South Africa last year (as pictured above) he decided to continue his volunteering jorney during part of his gap year.

He has arranged to work in a small school in Cambodia – a part of the world he has never been to. He left Devon on the 1st September and you can follow his adventures on his blog.

Yesterday was his first day in Grace House School in Siem Reap – his blog is a quick and inspiring read.