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Anne Marie Morris MP talks to 6th Form and Year 11

15th March 2017

It was pleasure to welcome our local MP, Anne Marie Morris, when she visited Trinity to give a talk to 6th Form and Year 11 pupils. This was as a result of the interest stemming from the COPE Politics Unit taught in Year 13.

Over 30 pupils came to the Chapel to hear Anne Marie talk about her job as an MP and what had inspired her to become one, albeit at a later stage of her life after a career in law and then business. She then opened the floor to student questions which were wide ranging, thoughtful, interesting and, at times, quite demanding. It was evident that our pupils had done their research as they tackled her on issues from provision for the disabled, the impact of Brexit on tourism, reaction to the Junior Doctors’ strike to relations with the USA and Russia. Trump and Putin did feature in a discussion, albeit briefly, as we ran out of time such was the level of interest and volume of questions. It was particularly interesting to hear Anne Marie’s advice to one Year 11 pupil asking about how you get into the world of politics.

It was an intellectually stimulating afternoon where the pupils impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm, and where she indeed impressed them with her passion and commitment to a job that she said is the most rewarding thing she had done in her life so far.