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A Whole Day of Life Skills!

20th October 2016

Monday 17th October dawned bright and clear, a good omen for our latest Life Skills Day. Rain at lunch-time didn’t dampen spirits and by 1.30 it had stopped and the sun had come out. Perfect! As in previous years, the children were asked to work in their houses for each of the three activities designed for the day, thus enabling all year groups to integrate and work together.


The three activities for KS2 were a forest school activity, a craft workshop and a healthy eating campaign. The forest school activities were led by Mrs Sutton and Mr Fisher, who were out early to light the fire in readiness for days activity. The children were asked to make and cook bread and soup from scratch together with hot chocolate to drink. There was also a group working on reconstructing the clay pizza oven whilst others were making a bugs hotel. A veritable hive of activity! During the afternoon the now fully functional pizza oven was put to good use with the inaugural baking of bread.


Mr Webber and Miss Maskell were running the craft workshop which involved the children in researching and then building a model replica of a world famous tower building. It wasn’t long before a cardboard Shard and a plastic/wooden Eiffel Tower among others were under construction. Cardboard, wood, plastic, sticky tape and glue were all put to good use and the resulting models were fantastic. Informative information sheets were also produced giving the reader a clear concise history of the building together with excellent sketches.

The third session was led by Mrs Robbins and Mr Burdett and involved the children in investigating which foods are healthy options, then putting together a menu and finally making a TV advertisement to encourage healthy eating. The children were split into four groups and spent time planning and producing their healthy menu before going into rehearsals and planning for the filming of their advert. The award for over-acting in a TV advert undoubtedly goes to Morgan ‘Laurence Olivier’ Couch!



KS1 activities were also divided into three different sessions with cake making, puppets and creating self-profiles on the agenda. Mrs May’s group made and amazing array of beautifully decorated cakes while the craft group with Mrs Cassidy had great fun making hand puppets out of a wooden spoons, pipe cleaners, wool, glitter and coloured fabric.



Mr Lovett was busy creating self-profiles with the children which included what they wanted to be when they grew up. We had an amazing list of future professionals amongst the children including nurses, fireman, doctors and even the Queen!

The day ended with a cake sale, enabling us to raise much needed funds for ‘CR2EE’ (Christian Response to Eastern Europe). Thank you for your generosity.