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A Trinity 'First' for the First Sea Lord

26th May 2017

It was a proud moment for 6th Former Connor Hare when he was one of 3 naval cadets to be chosen as cadets to the First Sea Lord, the head of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy.

For many years Sea Cadets were appointed to serve him as Navy Board Cadets but this year Sir Philip tasked Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Royal Navy HQ to find him 3 CCF Royal Navy or Royal Marine cadets from CCF schools across the UK, to be appointed as the first ever First Sea Lord Cadets.

As Head of Trinity's CCF contingent, Lt Cdr Geraldine Poulet-Bowden, explains 'I proposed Connor Hare for the honour as he has been a member of the Corps of Drums in the CCF National Band since he was in Year 9 and was known to HQ staff in Portsmouth. In fact we were so quick off the mark that Connor was the first nomination received and, to everyone’s delight, he was selected.'

Connor and his proud parents attended his Vesting Day on board HMS VICTORY. The photograph shows Connor receiving his badge of office from the First Sea Lord.

His first public engagement is an invitation from Commodore Jamie Miller RN for a reception and a capability display on board on HMS Somerset which will be off Torquay in the evening of 2 June.