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7am to 7pm - Swimming to Speaking. Another busy Tuesday in Trinity Prep!

10th November 2015

7 a.m. and the ISA swim squad gathered to head into Dawlish with Dom. 7 pm and 9 of them were still in school, representing Trinity for the Rotary Youth Speaks Final - real commitment  - thank you!

Speaking performances during the evening were of an incredibly high standard; I am very grateful that it is the Rotarians who make the choice about who does or doesn’t win. Presentations are judged according to content, confidence, presentation and delivery. Those awarded as Winners and Runners Up on the night were:

Prep 4: Zach Foulser, with Maya-Kate Donaldson (RU)

Prep 5: Milo Platts with Phobe Armes (RU)

Prep 6: Harry Waggett with Esme O’Friel (RU)

Congratulations to all those involved in this year’s competition including the families who knew the presentations almost as well as our pupils!

One of our Governors and local Rotarian Brian Wedgewood is the person who brought Youth Speaks, the Junior version to Trinity. He and his wife are usually regular attendees of the finals. Unfortunately, because of ill-health, Brian was unable to be with us this year. Fortunately, his contribution was no less than ever as he has donated a cup for the most entertaining presentation. We will let you know when this cup is to be awarded!

Mrs Eaton- Jones