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£400 raised for Help for Heroes as Prep pupils lay cash trail. Icy destination for staff!

7th January 2015

As part of our efforts to raise money for Help for Heroes, Prep Department’s nominated charity for this year, the pupils were asked to bring in small change for a money trail. The hope was that the trail would stretch all around the Prep Department, a distance of 92.5 metres. It was suggested to the children that they could act as heroes at home and help with any chores around the house to earn their contribution. Each night the money was counted and the trail marked ready for the next day.  As an incentive Mr Fisher, Mrs Eaton-Jones and Mr Burdett agreed that if enough money was raised, they would allow themselves to be ‘ice-bucketed’.  

Pupils did a fantastic job in raising the money for the trail, and once the cash target was reached the time came for the staff team to honour their promise and submit to a soaking. ‘When we were discussing it back in the mildest October on record it seemed like a good idea,’ said Mrs Eaton-Jones, just before her bucketing, ‘now I am not sure I’m feeling quite so comfortable about our decision making. I know, it’s a wonderful cause and I am truly impressed with how quickly we have managed to raise the money, particularly at a time of such terrifying costs everywhere you look. Many thanks to all who have donated money for the trail and the Ice Bucket Challenge. But I’m off to layer up!’