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All Inspections and Reports

“Trinity Nursery is an excellent nursery and I would happily without hesitating recommend the nursery to anyone.“

Nursery parent

Inspections & Reports

The independent Schools Inspectorate is the body responsible for inspecting Trinity School. A team of experienced inspectors use the school’s own ongoing evaluations, the information from parental and pupil questionnaires and the evidence gathered during the inspection to help them come to their judgements. These are made against a set of published requirements, the school’s stated aims and in response to previous inspections.

A full inspection takes place every 6 years, with an interim inspection of boarding and the EYFS at 3 year interval, this is the set of inspections most recently carried out in 2008 and 2012.

Highlights for us from the latest inspection included:


‘Children are cared for extremely well in a very welcoming, safe and stimulating environment in which educational programmes are constantly monitored and reviewed’


‘pupils and families are quickly made to feel part of the community’


‘pupils gain in self-confidence, learn respect for each other and develop good team skills’


Please click on the attached documents to read the complete reports. 

ISI Inspection 2014

ISI Boarding 2012

ISI Early Years 2012

ISI Inspection 2008