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Medical Centre

“This is my favourite room in school - even if I'm feeling unwell, I know I'll be looked after!"

Year 11 pupil

Medical Care

The care of our pupils is paramount. We endeavour to help our pupils remain healthy and to enjoy a full education. To achieve this we realise it is important for parents, pupils and staff to work closely together. Medical update forms are issued to all parents at the start of each year to ensure that all current needs are recorded. Please inform the school nurse of any relevant changes that occur throughout the school year, by telephoning or emailing the contact details below.

The Medical Centre is staffed throughout the school day by two qualified nurses, Mrs L. Ireland and Mrs. V. Dilke. The School Doctors visit regularly and oversee the Medical welfare of the pupils at school.

If there are specific concerns regarding your child's health, please contact the Medical Centre any time during the school day on 01626 771512 or by email and we will be happy to help.

Medicines are administered in accordance with Trinity's Administration of Medicines in School Policy, which states that medicines, unless prescribed, should not be brought to school. Medication for specific medical conditions will be individually assessed.

Day pupils who become unwell and are unable to attend lessons will initially be cared for by the School Nurses, parents will be notified and are expected to collect their child from school. Parents are requested to inform the school of any infectious illness with regard to their child and to keep them away from school until the illness has resolved. If a child has sickness and/or diarrhoea it is necessary to have a period of at least 48 hours after the vomiting and diarrhoea has settled before returning to school.

Vaccinations will not be given in School without parental consent. The National programme of immunisation for children is followed.

The nurses offer their expertise throughout the school, providing First Aid for pupils and staff, listening and offering support, assisting with the delivery of PWBD lessons. They also liaise with all members of staff, ensuring that relevant information is shared to ensure that pupils receive the best possible care.