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"The lunches are really good, there are enough options for everyone!"

Senior pupil


We want to take this opportunity to introduce Holroyd Howe to you and say how delighted we are to be working with Trinity School.

Great food is at the very heart of our business. We strive every day to wow our pupils with new ideas and interesting meals, whilst keeping the traditional touches.

Founded in 1997 by Nick Howe and Rick Holroyd, we are an independent caterer operating exclusively in the independent schools market. Our ethos and commitment to providing great fresh food served by well-trained people who really care has remained consistent.

Healthy Eating & Food Allergies 

We adhere to the principle of ‘getting the balance right’, which simply means helping pupils of all ages enjoy balanced appealing meals containing good sources of protein, fibre and starch, accompanied by lots of fresh vegetables, salad and fruit. We aim to reduce fats, sugar and salt. One simple initiative is our Half Measures concept, which reduces free sugars by 50% in our desserts.

If your child has an allergy or food intolerance please contact We are experienced in catering for many different diets and our trained teams will provide them with an alternative meal, ensuring their dietary needs are met.

Monitoring and Encouraging Healthy Habits

By actively promoting fresh produce and creating an interest in the food we offer, we naturally steer pupils and staff towards the healthier choices on our menus. Our aim is to improve the overall knowledge and awareness of healthy eating, and provide our customers with the options so they can make an informed choice.


Breakfast Menu Lunch Menu  Supper Menu
Week 1 Week 1 Week 1
Week 2 Week 2 Week 2
Week 3 Week 3 Week 3


Theme Days & Events

Always good fun, a range of theme days will be planned in advance with the school and included in our  marketing calendar. They can range from countries around the world, or could be linked in with the school’s curriculum.

We also have a range of activities that allow us to help educate pupils on where food comes from.

  • American Theme Night
  • Love Food Hate Waste
  • Boost your Brain
  • Brazilian BBQ
  • Juice Bar


The Catering Manager can be contacted on 01626 771508

or by email