Senior Drama

Drama plays an important role within the school. It is an energetic, exciting and enthusiastic department where every student can have the opportunity to thrive.

Every student in the senior department will have the opportunity to take part in Drama both in and out of curriculum time. All key stage 3 pupils have a weekly lesson with a drama specialist. Students in Years 10 and 11 and 12 and 13 have the option to take Drama and Performing Arts at GCSE and AS and A2 level. Not only do they work with a Drama specialist within the school students taking GCSE and A level also have the opportunity to work with theatre professionals within their courses.

We also encourage pupils to take part in the many varied extra-curricular opportunities as well as this can help them to grow in confidence develop social skills and make new friends.



Topics and Aims and Objectives

The Drama department assessment scheme is focused around the following areas; creating, responding, spoken response and written response. Students at all levels are assessed in these four areas and the schemes of work are designed so that students have the opportunity to grow in knowledge, understanding and confidence in these areas. Below you can see a map of the different topics we look at in Drama at Key stage three.

Year 7    Year 8    Year 9

Greek Myths and Legends


The Tempest


Charlie and the Chocolate factory

Mime and Movement    Wreckers



Using Masks

Physical theatre


Carl’s Story


Romeo and Juliet

West side story

Induction to Year 10- Storytelling, Areas of study,

Monologues and duologues



Drama studio

The Carlton theatre in Teignmouth for productions.



Fenella Cooke- Head of Drama

Courses at GCSE

Edexcel GCSE in Drama

What will you learn?

You will learn:

  • how drama is created, including all the acting and staging skills that are needed to put a piece of drama on to the stage;
  • how to create a character and play this character in a performance;
  • many skills that are highly valued in any walk of life including teamwork and confidently presenting yourself in public.


How will you be assessed?

Almost all assessment is practical. There are no written examinations although you will be required to keep a written record of your practical work.

You will explore themes, ideas and plays in a wholly practical way and your teacher will assess how well you have done.


Unit 1: Drama Exploration   30%

Six hour practical exploration

Documentary response (2000 words)

Unit 2: Exploring Play Texts   30%

Six hour practical exploration of a play script

Documentary response to practical exploration (1000 words)

Documentary response to live theatre (2000 words)

Unit 3: Drama Performance 40%

Students will present their work as either performers or performance support students in a single performance to an examiner appointed by Edexcel.


Courses at A level

Edexcel AS and A level in Performing Arts

What will you learn?

You will develop your own skills, with an opportunity to specialise in either performance or performance support.

 You will gain an understanding of performing arts.

You will gain an insight into the nature of the performing arts industry including employment opportunities.

You will understand how the process and the working methods that professional performers and performance support professionals use within their work.


In AS units you will learn about:

Unit 1- Exploring skills for performance

Unit 2- Planning for an event

Unit 3- Performing to a commission


In the A2 units you will learn about:

Unit 4- Employment opportunities in the Performing arts

Unit 5 – Advanced performance practice

Unit 6- Advanced Production practice

Unit 7- Production delivery


How will I be assessed?

You will be encouraged to demonstrate your skills and talent by being assessed in practical ways with no written examinations. You will be assessed solely through portfolio and performance.


Extra-curricular activities in department

LAMDA examinations

Devising productions

Writing and performing in their own assemblies

Taking part in school productions

Taking part in the one act play festival at the Carlton Theatre in Teignmouth.

Theatre Trips

Workshops with outside practitioners

Youth Speaks

Schools Shakespeare Festival

National theatre connections festival

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