Senior Art

Art at Trinity is an exciting and popular subject that attracts students who wish to be actively engaged in ambitious and creative work. The department’s philosophy is rooted in empowering students to nurture their creative ability through sustained activities and experiences. Annual trips to London galleries and European cities together with visits to artist’s studios and artists in residence are a key part of the student experience.

The department is housed in a purpose designed bright, airy and spacious open plan studio. Due consideration has been given to accommodate a variety of skill areas. These include

  • an integral kiln room with a state of the art fully digitally programmable kiln,

  • a Shimpo vary directional power wheel,

  • a flat bed printing press,

  • two networked computers with dedicated printer,

  • a single stand alone computer with a variety of art programmes with dedicated scanner,

  • A3 colour printer and drawing tablet used for digital imaging.

     Art photo

    There are two large purpose designed stainless steel sink units one of which can accommodate power washing large silk screens. There is a large storage facility for stock, resources and storage of student work together with a staff office.

    Work is displayed in and around the school and in the community.

    The AQA syllabus is followed and students are entered for the Fine Art endorsement at both GCSE and A level. The department has acquired a reputation for high quality work and in particular, sketchbooks which are an integral component at all age levels and students are encouraged to document their visual journey.

    At Key Stage 3 the foundation of visual literacy, awareness and technical competence are laid. Core skills in Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Printing, Digital imaging, 3 dimensional studies and Ceramics are explored.

    At Key Stage 4 these skills are honed and refined in both directed work and thematic based projects often initiated by the students personal interests.

    At Key Stage 5 higher skill levels are delivered via an intense skills based course in Year 12 and then evolved in Year 13 where students self direct their work under the guidance of the art staff.

    Extracurricular opportunities exist with art clubs offered at both KS3 and KS4/5. The department offers an open door policy where the studio is open at lunchtimes and at weekends for boarding students with prior arrangement.

    Staffing currently comprises

    Mr Patrick Cairns  - Head of Art

          Mrs Chloe Williams - Art Teacher (Part time)

          Mrs Emma Firth - Art Teacher (Part time)

          Mrs Jenny Barrett - Art Technician

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