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Religious Studies plays an important role in the life of the School. The department is staffed by a large team of dedicated teachers.  Pupils study RS throughout key stages 3 and 4 and have the option to study at AS and A2 level.  RS aims to enable students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the principal faiths in Britain whilst learning about themselves; their views and opinions, attitudes and beliefs.  Lessons are designed to cover a range of learning styles which enable students to practise a range of skills from empathy to evaluation.  RS is an academic subject which also provides opportunities to reflect on the inner, spiritual side of life and can lead to faith development.




The RS Department have 2 dedicated RS rooms but in addition use other rooms around the school. We also make good use of the library and computer rooms to challenge and extend students and to provide a good range of learning opportunities to suit the needs of different learners.




Mrs C E Entwistle (Head of department)

Mrs G Bourne

Mrs C Turner

Mrs G Davis

EAL staff Mrs K Crook and Mrs B Schellenberger used as required


KS3 overview


At Key Stage 3 the curriculum uses the themes from the locally agreed syllabus together with input from both the Anglican and Roman Catholic dioceses. Students will learn about and from the 6 largest world religions and develop a range of skills which like other subjects are assessed throughout the course.  RS prepares students to help be a part of the multi-ethnic, multi-faith world of the future.  RS helps students to respect and understand other peoples’ feelings;  work out answers to life’s difficult questions and discuss a range of religious and non religious views on a variety of moral issues (many of which are featured in the media). Modules covered are:-



Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Autumn Term


Religion and Science

Christian beliefs and concepts

Spring Term

Authority of Jesus

Global issues and rites of passage

Conflict and collaboration in Islam

Summer Term

Equality and belonging in Sikhism

Ultimate questions and ethical issues

Expressions of spirituality in Buddhism



Courses at GCSE


The popular Edexcel course is followed throughout Year 10 and Year 11 leading to a full course GCSE for all students. Very occasionally, for example if a student joins part way through the course the GCSE short course can be studied.  The course focuses on the viewpoints on various moral issues by the two largest world religions – Christianity and Islam.  In addition, students can gain marks by explaining a range of viewpoints backed up with clear reasons including atheist viewpoints.  A keen interest in the media – including news stories, documentaries and films will aid student knowledge and understanding of the key issues covered.  The course specification code is 2RSO1 and modules covered are in Year 10 5RS01 Religion and Life and in Year 11 5RS08 Religion and Society.  A detailed textbook and revision guide for each course is given to students.

Year 10 course – 5RS01 Religion and Life

Year 11 course – 5RS08 – Religion and Society

Believing in God

Rights and responsibilities

Matters of Life and Death

Environment and Medical Issues

Marriage and the Family

Peace and Conflict

Religion and Community Cohesion

Crime and Punishment


Courses at A level


At A level the AQA exam board is followed. The A level builds upon the moral issues covered at GCSE and philosophical issues are studied in greater depth.  Of the 4 papers at A level 3 are philosophy based and 1 is a theology paper preparing students for further studies in either subject.  The A level specification code is 2061.  At AS RSS03 – Philosophy of Religion and RSS04 – Religion, philosophy and science are studied.  At A2 level RST3E – New Testament, John’s gospel and RST4A – Life, death and beyond are studied.


Extra-curricular activities in department


The department offer extra study sessions at for KS3 and KS4 students in study time and a revision class for Year 11. In addition, a relaxation club is offered to all KS3 and KS4 students at various points throughout the year.  For AS and A2 students there is an opportunity to attend a 6th form philosophy conference where world renowned international speakers update students on the latest scientific and philosophical theories related to the course.  From time to time visiting speakers will come into lessons to extend the module covered and to answer any questions.  Students can also work alongside students in the preparatory department for example last year Year 9 students were asked to complete a booklet aimed at Year 6 students for them to assess and learn more about Buddhism. 

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