Senior PHSME

Personal, Health, Social and Moral Education

The PHSME department aims to provide learners with an educational experience that facilitates their personal, social, moral and emotional development and provides them with information to enable them to make informed choices about their health and their community. In addition to this, the department aims to provide learners with evaluative, cognitive and emotional intelligence skills that will enhance their performance in other academic subjects and in all areas of their life.

Pupils on a team building exercise

Topics Covered within PSHME

The department has been greatly expanded in recent times to reflect the School’s commitment to this subject. The curriculum includes such subjects as Christian values and their role in the life of Trinity; sex education; diet; drugs and alcohol awareness; an exploration of local, national and international politics; bullying; culture; cyber safety; money management; ethical dilemmas; train and sea safety; managing conflict in relationships and first aid and personal safety. Pupils are encouraged to develop their own sense of religious or personal values to guide their behaviour and choices.

In addition to meeting the statutory requirements regarding sex education, Trinity is firmly committed to placing this education within a context in which pupils are encouraged to develop their own values in this area in order that they are well prepared for when they are required to make choices regarding sexual activity. The school provides lessons relating to marriage, relationship changes, conflict management, and negotiation and listening skills in order to provide our pupils with the necessary skills to form and maintain relationships. I am very grateful for the work of the school Nurse, Mrs Debbie Birt for her invaluable contributions to the education of the pupils. She provides sex education and first aid awareness to pupils throughout the school in a sensitive and informative manner. We are very fortunate to have her expertise available to us.

The School is also keen to develop a sense of community within its pupils and as part of this process are provided with the opportunity to develop coursework that reflects their view of the Trinity community. The school is enrolled with the Giving Nation Challenge run by the Citizenship Foundation, and all pupils from year seven are involved in citizenship projects including charitable events as part of the PHSME programme This involves them working as a team to develop a social enterprise project that contributes to the community, raises funds for charity, and is sustainable. This is organised in conjunction with the Business Studies department and the Careers department and forms part of the School’s inter-house competition.


The course is managed by the Head of PHSME( Mr Ben Whittles). It is delivered by the Heads of Key Stage Three and Four, a dedicated team of teachers within the key stages, and the School Matron. In addition to this, external speakers are invited to deliver on key topics. These include representatives from MIND, the Police Force, the coastguard and workers within drug and alcohol awareness.

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