Red Library

"It's like your second family"

 Year 10 student


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Red Library

A library is the heart of any school and Trinity Senior Library is no exception, you will find us in the heart of the School, on the Red Corridor in the oldest part of the building, which is reflected in the magnificent panelled wood and shelving. The warm and encouraging, cosy environment for both learning and relaxing has made The Red Library – in the words of one of the students – “the coolest place in school”.

Our students

All students, on joining Trinity, have an induction into the library and its resources. This fundamental information will help in their understanding of how a library works. As our library operates in the same way as a university or college library using the Dewey Decimal Cataloguing system, so they are able to progress with ease when they leave us. Our presentation of Trinity Library is conducted in quiz form which gets the students having fun while moving around and finding where resources are.
The library layout is aimed at captivating our students to research, read and study. The main library has two levels, upstairs being non-fiction and downstairs fiction and pleasure reading, there are double doors leading into the Hoffmann Reading Room which has three distinct areas, one has comfy sofas to sit and read while another area has tables and chairs for study, and yet another area has computers for research.
Our library instantly appeals to everyone with its mezzanine level housing over 15,000 reference and non-fiction books, covering every subject the students study and more.
The ground floor houses Fiction and our multi media collection. This covers, audio books, visual assets and music thus ensuring that whichever learning method best suits a student, we can accommodate it.
Along with our newspapers, journals and music we compliment the curriculum in every area.
Library system
Trinity School is constantly moving forward. Our library system is connected with the computers in the school giving the teachers and students the ability to search, retrieve and reserve their particular resource from any room in school. This innovative software will grow and upgrade giving constant benefits to all.
As Trinity is both a boarding and day school, our library caters for both, together with students from Years 7 to 13.  Along with the resources already mentioned we have fun items and games. These consist of chess, mancala, puzzles and there is always a jigsaw on the go, plus many others, which help to relax whilst keeping an active mind.


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