Extended Day

"The bus is great fun with my friends Thomas, Myles and the new boy Mishka. We play games, tell stories, talk about unusual stuff like weather and ships that we see along the way. We all bring some food with us and share it, sometimes I see animals along the way mainly on the fields like rabbits, crows, foxes and once even deer."

Marcus Prep 6

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Extended Day

We are aware that many of our parents are working extremely hard, and for long hours, to allow their children to enjoy all the opportunities on offer at Trinity Prep.

Early-morning care: Pupils can arrive at the School for supervised play from 8am onwards. For those who wish to arrive earlier, we run a Breakfast Club where the catering team provide breakfast for children, starting at 07:45 every weekday morning, in the Refectory.

After-School care: For those who are not doing an extra-curricular activity, supervised Prep is offered for Years 3 to 6 in order to allow them to do their homework, or as extra study time to complete any work that may have been missed. As well as one of the more ‘formal’ clubs for the younger children, there is always a very relaxed activity where children can enjoy a calmer atmosphere before heading home.

Supper Club: For those parents who cannot pick up before 6pm, we offer Supper Club at an additional cost. Your child is provided with a packed tea and supervised within the Prep Department. This provision needs booking so that the catering team can prepare the necessary meals and supervision can be organised.


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