A Day in Prep

"I play cricket because I like sport! And playing with my friends, it’s fun! In numeracy,  I mostly like doing my times tables, I know my 7, 8 & 9 times tables really well."

Seby, Prep 2

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A Day in the Life of Trinity Prep

School is open from 8am (unless you have chosen to join Breakfast Club)

08:25 Registration - with Class teachers

08:35 Assembly - this takes place in Oakley Hall. There is a rolling programme with Mrs Eaton-Jones, Mr Coen (Headmaster) and visitors inspiring us at the start of the day. During every term, each class leads a morning assembly.

Wake & Shake (an exercise to music) - to get our brains ready for the best possible day’s learning.

09:00 Morning Lessons start (Teaching in Trinity Prep)

In addition to the morning’s Literacy and Numeracy, a more practical lesson is taught during the morning e.g. Art, Music, ICT skills, PE

10:45 Play time - healthy snacks can be brought into school; on Wednesdays, fruit is provided and there is always the option for milk or fruit juice.

11:10 Another Lesson

12:00 Lunch starts for the younger children

Lunch Break – Time for play, library, music practice, some clubs or School Council during this time

13:15 Registration – a chance for quiet reading before the afternoon lessons

A full range of specialist subjects are enjoyed during the afternoon, fixtures are held and Forest School explored.

15:10 Class time – Pupils are back with their class teacher to round off the day, practising spellings or their tables, listening to a story or checking homework.

15:20 (EYFS & KS1) or 15:30 (KS2) End of official school day and start of clubs

16:50 Pick up from clubs (unless children need to stay on for Supper Club)


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