Film Studio

"Welcome to our studio! We love it - it makes us feel like real actors and directors!"

 Film Club pupil                             

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Film Studio 

In line with the updating of the National  ICT Curriculum, Trinity School is delighted to now be able to offer green screen technology as part of their new Computing programme of study. The Prep Department ICT suite, which already houses enough computers for each pupil to have their own workstation, has been developed and equipped with a permanent green screen wall and floor and a full set of ceiling-mounted cool-touch spiral lights.

Trinity trialled green screen technology last year and it proved so popular with pupils of all ages, that the school has now invested in the provision of a studio. From Year 1 choosing an animal or character they would like to be, bringing in a costume, performing in front of the green screen, then choosing a background to appear ‘in’, to Year 6 interpreting a music track by local, but international, band ‘Muse’, performing in front of the green screen, selecting backgrounds to go with their interpretation; thereby creating their own film – this technology enables children’s imaginations to soar and it is absolutely fantastic to see the excitement and enthusiasm with which they participate. 

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