MD & North Wing Boarding

Greetings from Mr Milne and Mr Atkinson who live in the Senior (Sixth Form) Boys Boarding house.


The Michael Dobson and North Wing boarding house is arranged into two wings – one for the Upper Sixth and one for the Lower Sixth boys.  Staff accommodation is located at either end of the boarding house.  The two wings are joined by shared kitchen and common room facilities There is a constant staff presence in the house with the residential staff being assisted by experienced day staff who provide thorough cover and supervision throughout the evening. More importantly, they provide invaluable pastoral and academic support. 


Weekend activities are varied and consist of trips involving all year groups and nationalities to other activities like Go Karting and Paintball which are trips tailored specifically for senior students.  There is always some form of evening entertainment at the weekend where the boys and girls house mix at such things as Classic Move Night!


The integration of all students is crucial –whether then be new to boarding, from overseas or a flexi boarder. The close community feel at Trinity, especially in the boarding house, mean that there is always somebody looking out for you, whether it be your peers, visiting day staff or the residential team. As a result students are happy, content and therefore able to work hard and play hard!

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