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This is a very warm welcome to Girls’ Boarding from Ms Fischer and Mrs Davies! We both live here in our Chapel Girls imageschool and we have a fantastic team of staff who support us throughout thr week. Together we have only one main aim: to ensure that the girls are happy and safe with us.

We currently have 27 girls from seven different countries living in the Girls’ Boarding House at Trinity. We see ourselves as one big family: a family who stick together, who care for and respect each other. If you live here, you will often hear us using the words ‘we’ and ‘us’ as we strongly believe in the importance of the community.

With parents trusting us to care for their daughters, every girl in our house, whether 12 or 18, is equally important to us. Throughout their time with us, every young lady is given the opportunity to get involved in many aspects of school and boarding life; to mature, to make mistakes and, more importantly to learn from them, and to take on responsibility. Usually our girls mix with ease, growing in confidence during their time with us and learning from each other. Though we have quiet areas, you will rarely be on your own in our boarding house: our girls participate in activities we organise and of course they study hard for their subjects – there is always something to do! We encourage everybody to take an active part in our community, which includes participating in weekend trips and activities which we organise to enrich the boarding experience.

The girls’ academic progress is supported by maintaining strong links with our teachers and tutors, assisting them with their studies and mentoring each girl on an individual basis. Guiding our girls through tough teenage years and difficult decisions is indeed a challenge; we aspire to making a contribution to them becoming strong young women who succeed in today’s complex world.

Therefore, we invite you to meet us and to become a member of our family..


Here’s what some of our current girls say about their boarding house:

‘Girls Boarding is like a whole family with many sisters. We all look after each other.’ (Farida)

‘I’ve never been homesick; I only miss Hong Kong food, but not my home. This is home now. We always laugh here. ’ (Ester)

‘There’s no better place to find friends for life.’ (Marlene)

‘Our housemums are always here for us. Doesn’t feel like school but like home.’ (Svenja)

‘The best is the short way to school!’ (Clara)

‘It’s good to have a variety of cultures.’ (Lucy)

‘I really enjoy boarding; we have lots of really fun activities.’ (Kamilya)

‘Can we have a surfing trip every week – it was so much fun!’ (Sophie)

‘I feel secure and comfortable here. I feel I can be myself.’ (Lucy)

‘It’s never boring.’ (Theresa)

‘I had such an amazing time but it was definitely too short. Especially the weekend trips which were awesome.’ (Paulina)

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