Chapel Boys Boarding

Chapel Boys Boarding House welcomes boys whatever their skills and interests and as a result the house is vibrant, diverse and above all “fun”. All boys are encouraged to give of their best whether on the sports field, in the classroom or participating in the wide choice of activities on offer.  There are many opportunities at Trinity which the Chapel grab with smiles on their faces and abundance of enthusiasm.  One of the aims of the house is to let each boy to feel secure and significant; each one is unique with individual talents that Trinity will draw out throughout their time in boarding.  The house has a great sense of spirit with a welcoming and sociable atmosphere.


Below are some of the comments from boarders and parents from Chapel Boys House.


I like boarding it’s like having 30 brothers who look out for you (Ismaiel)


The rules are simple to follow and the houseparent’s will help you. Do not worry about bullying because it does not happen here. (Ross)


Being in boarding was the best experience of my life, everyone makes you feel very welcome and you never feel alone. (Adrien)


My child was able to overcome difficulties and returned enriched by a unique experience which he will remember all his life. (Parent)


I have to say that Trinity is my second home it has made me feel a little English, to this day I can't hear the hymn "I vow to thee my country" without dropping a few tears.(Alfonso)


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