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Who dunnit?

27th March 2014

Who dunnit?

As part of a forensic science day Prep Department pupils, and others from nearby primary schools, were taught how to become detectives in solving a crime. The scenario was that the much treasured Ugbrooke Cup had been stolen and they had to try to find it and discover who had taken it. 
The day was run by Police Community Support Officer Michelle Buckley, who was ably assisted by Trinity’s Year 8 pupils, and two A level biology students- Connie Whisker who is going on to study Science at degree level and Hannah Hewitt who will be taking a degree in forensics. 
Firstly the ‘crime scene’ was sealed off with police tape, and all the pupils had to don protective white overalls. Much excitement was experienced when a footprint was found in the mud, and a plaster cast had to be made of that print for further possible matching of the burglars footwear. 
The pupils learnt about analysis of fibres found at the scene and experienced the act of ‘fingerprinting’. They also learnt about taking witness statements, the analysis thereof and matching fictional crimes to cartoon perpetrators.
But, who did it…….the search goes on! 



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